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Service Learning and Internships

Service Learning

The International College of Seville recognizes the interest many students have in reaching out to the wider community by participating in social service.  For this reason our College has established agreements with a number of Non-Governmental Organizations in Seville.  Through these agreements, ICS students may collaborate with the following organizations during their stay in Seville:

  • Working at a children’s ward at local public hospitals.
  • Helping at local senior centers
  • Teaching English to children in an underprivileged neighborhood.
  • Helping and teaching English to young girls at a local private school.

Different NGOs have been contacted and an informative session is organized at the ICS during the first week of classes.  Students are given detailed information as to what each Organization expects of its volunteers, and are given a weekly schedule. Students are required to write a four-page report on their experience and the NGOs are required to give a Certificate of Compliance for each student.

Internships available through the ICS:

In addition to Service Learning, the ICS offers its students a unique opportunity to gain professional experience during their Study-Abroad through a number of private corporations and public institutions.  Opportunities are available at the following businesses:

1. Social Media Manager at ICS.
The positions we have to cover are those of Manager of our Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts, as well as occasional photographer for group visits and trips.

For both the Instagram and Twitter Manager positions we require that one photograph/message be uploaded daily, Monday-Friday.

For our YouTube account, we are looking for a person who is knowledgeable in movie-making, in order to make a series of short videos (of approximately 2 minutes in duration), which would help to visually explain our program to students and Universities in the United States.

For each of our cultural visits and out-of-town excursions we need photographs to post on our Facebook wall.

Interested students can apply for one or more of the positions.All of the information will be posted within the standards and under the guidance of the ICS.

2. Epse Clown S.L.
Accepts internships in all areas of their organization, dedicated to the organization of parties and events. Part time positions available.

Internships available through the Faculty of Philology at the University of Seville:


1. Faculty of Philology. Journal of Philologia Hispalensis.
Description:  Digitalization of the Journal.
Positions available: 1
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish. Wordprocessing, scanning, and Professional Adobe.
Duration: maximum of 6 months.
Working hours: Maximum of 100 hours per month.
2. Faculty of Philology. Cursos para Extranjeros.
Description:  Academic support services American students registered at the Cursos para Extranjeros.
Positions available: 2
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish.
Duration: maximum of 6 months.
Working hours: 9 am – 2 pm and/or 5 pm – 7 pm.
3. Servinform. Telemarketing operator.
Positions available: 1
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish, French, and Arab.
Duration: maximum of 6 months.
Working hours: 10,00 am – 2 pm.
4. Three Cultures Foundation.
Positions available: 5 (three with linguistic competence in French, two in English, two in Arabic).
5. Fidas Foundation
Positions available: 5 (three with linguistic competence in English, one in French, one in German).
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish.

6. Bodeenseen. Services company.
Positions: 20 (linguistic competence in English, French, Italian, German or Arabic).
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish.
7. Editorial Anthropos. Publishing company.
Positions available: 10 alumnos (five in English and five in Spanish).
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish.
8. Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla. Hotel management.
Positions available: 5 (linguistic competence in English.
Description: assistant to hotel manager.
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish.
9. University of Seville. Departments & Programs.
Positions available: 25 (five in Italian, five in English, 5 in French, five in Arabic, and five in German).
Description: translation, web creation and maintanence.
Pre-requisites: Advanced level of Spanish.

In all cases ICS selects qualified students only. There is a mandatory orientation session for all interested students. The orientation is cultural and “institutional” so that students enter into this experience with the proper mindset and attitude. Some of the settings are quite sensitive. Topics included are dress, behavior, absence, tardiness, workplace culture, harassment issues, etc. Students have to fill out an application form and bring in a resume or CV. Personal interviews may be required in some cases before final acceptance.

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