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Service Learning and Internships

Service Learning

The International College of Seville recognizes the interest many students have in reaching out to the wider community by participating in social service.  For this reason our College has established agreements with a number of Non-Governmental Organizations in Seville.  Through these agreements, ICS students may collaborate with the following organizations during their stay in Seville:

  • Working at a children’s ward at local public hospitals.
  • Helping at local senior centers
  • Teaching English to children in an underprivileged neighborhood.
  • Helping and teaching English to young girls at a local private school.

Different NGOs have been contacted and an informative session is organized at the ICS during the first week of classes.  Students are given detailed information as to what each Organization expects of its volunteers, and are given a weekly schedule. Students are required to write a four-page report on their experience and the NGOs are required to give a Certificate of Compliance for each student.

In all cases ICS selects qualified students only. There is a mandatory orientation session for all interested students. The orientation is cultural and “institutional” so that students enter into this experience with the proper mindset and attitude. Some of the settings are quite sensitive. Topics included are dress, behavior, absence, tardiness, workplace culture, harassment issues, etc. Students have to fill out an application form and bring in a resume or CV. Personal interviews may be required in some cases before final acceptance.

Internship Opportunities through the International College of Seville:


Social Media at the ICS

There are two Social Media positions available at the ICS.

a) One student is responsible for the proper maintenance of the College Twitter account. Information regarding academics and/or ICS extracurricular events shall be posted. Likewise, any information that appears on Twitter that could be of interest to ICS students shall be retweeted. One post is expected daily, Monday through Friday.

b) One or two students is/are responsible for making short and interesting videos to be uploaded to the ICS YouTube account. There is a range of subject matters on which promotional and informative videos can be made.

Spanish Law Firm

Boost your resumé, gain hands-on career experience along with personal and professional skills while learning about a new culture.

At Bolonia Abogados SLP, you will have the opportunity to work directly with licensed attorneys of a prestigious international law firm. You will acquire valuable work experience by learning the ropes from professionals of the field and will gain insight and understanding into the day-to-day tasks of legal practitioners. There will be a range of tasks given to you, in a friendly atmosphere, so that you will find the internship to be an enriching and rewarding experience.

The internship will consist of two days weekly during the Fall or Spring semester. Each day will be for two hours.

To qualify, you must have a proficient level of Spanish, must present a letter of recommendation from a University professor, and must agree to attend to the internship with punctuality, professionalism, and for the duration of the semester, whether in Fall or Spring

Marketing & Social Media at a Student Travel Agency

“We Love Spain” Student Travel Agency of Seville needs interns each semester to help with the task of assisting with the marketing and promotion of the Agency.


– Social Media Marketing and promotion. Manage Facebook profiles to promote We Love Spain in different cities. Create marketing campaigns/posts, invite to events, publicize sales, etc.;

– PR publicity routes, visiting schools, handing out flyers as well as assisting hosting at welcome events;

– Customer Service and bookings in the office.


– Friendly, Outgoing, and Energetic;

– Experience with Social Media Promotion: (ie. They have used Facebook in the past to promote an event at school for an organization, sorority, page management, etc.);

– Experience with event planning or promotion of an event.


– 6 hours weekly, ideally divided over two days.


Soccer Training

Eleven Stars Soccer Agency of Seville is looking for highly motivated college students who are able to work effectively with athletes, have some soccer experience, and possess the ability to perform well in a team environment.  This internship is available in both the men’s and women’s athletic programs.  It is directed to students who have an interest in learning, developing, and implementing best practices in sport performance and wish to be a part of a team that focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to sport performance of student-athletes.

Duties include, but may not be limited to the following:

  1. a)  Assist with training sessions
  2. b)  Assist in Implementation of Strength & Conditioning Program
  3. c)  Assist team to develop and deliver workouts
  4. d)  Set-up of daily activities
  5. e)  Assist with communications and marketing of Eleven Stars programming

Interns will gain an understanding of full sports performance program components including strength and conditioning, athletic training, sports medicine, sports nutrition, and sport psychology for optimal sports performance results. The internship will consist of two days weekly for the Fall or Spring semester.  Each day will be for two and a half hours.  Professional Appearance and Attitude are essential.

Teaching Internship

ICS students may intern as Teaching Assistants (T.As) of English as a Second Language class in “ColegioAlbaydar”, a private Spanish High School  located a few blocks from the ICS.

Duties include:

  • Reinforce lessons presented by teachers by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups, especially during conversation practice.
  • Help teachers and students with correct pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Help teachers prepare for lessons by developing their own creative presentations that will reinforce the lessons learned.

Some T.As may work with students with specific learning disabilities.  These students often attend regular classes, and T.As help them to understand the material and adapt the information to their learning style.

Important Qualities need for the Albaydar internship:

Communication skills. As T.As need to discuss student progress with teachers, they need to be able to express themselves with clarity.

Interpersonal skills. T.As interact with a variety of people, including teachers, students, parents, and administrators. They need to develop good relationships in the workplace.

Patience. Working with students of different abilities and backgrounds can be difficult. T.As must be patient with students who struggle with the class material.

Resourcefulness. To reinforce lessons, T.As must explain information to students in a comprehensive manner that meets each student’s learning style. 


-The number of hours students will work will depend on the Albayadar class schedule. Hours normally range from 2-4 a week.

Working in the European Union

Through the “Glocal Training Programme”, ICS students can gain valuable work experience at a professional level in Brussels, Belgium, or in any city within Spain.

This European-funded professional training program is oriented to U.S university students at either undergraduate or graduate level.  The program is based on the formation and training methodologies promoted by the European Union in which quality, efficiency and innovation are guiding forces of vocational training.

Students may take part in this accelerated, high-performance, international traineeship in public organizations, non-profit entities, NGOs, private enterprises and other organizations.

Areas of traineeship:

Business and International Marketing, Law, Environment, and Tourism are some of the fields in which past participants have worked.  Positions are sought  in direct relation to the scope and needs of the trainee.  Students acquire skills and experience according to their formation in a real work environment at a European and international level with multi-cultural teams.


The program can vary from two to five months of traineeship, of at least three hours weekly, in the city of choice following a two-week training program in Seville.

During this time each trainee will have a tutor within the business who will support, advise and do a follow-up upon completion.


Depending on the nature of the traineeship, students will need to verify a certain language level.  In Brussels, French may be a requisite, although there are positions in English, as well.


€500 For traineeships in Spain or Brussels.  Travel expenses, subsistence allowance and insurance are not included.

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