Service Learning and Internships

Service Learning and Internship Opportunities

The International College of Seville recognizes the interest many students have in reaching out to the wider community by participating in social service.  For this reason our College has established agreements with a number of organizations in Seville. Through these agreements, during their stay in Seville ICS students have the opportunity to:


  • Work as an assistant at a local animal shelter
  • Teach English to early childhood language learners of local families
  • Assistant teaching at a local language school (BLS Idiomas)
  • Help and teach English to young girls at a local private school
  • Secretarial intern at a local university
  • Social media intern at the ICS


Different organizations have been contacted and an informative session is organized at the ICS during the first week of classes.  Students are given detailed information as to what each organization expects of its volunteers, and are given a weekly schedule. Students receiving class credit are required to write a four-page report on their experience and the organizations are required to give a Certificate of Compliance for each student.

Additional Internship Opportunities through the International College of Seville:


Social Media Intern at the ICS

There are two Social Media positions available at the ICS.

a) One or two students is/are responsible for writing engaging blog entries for the ICS website on their time and adventures in Seville. There are a range of subject matters on which promotional and informative blogs can be written.

b) One or two students is/are responsible for making short and interesting videos to be uploaded to the ICS YouTube account. There are a range of subject matters on which promotional and informative videos can be made.

Marketing & Social Media Intern at ´We Love Spain´ Travel Agency

 We Love Spain Student Travel Agency of Seville needs interns each semester to help with the task of assisting with the marketing and promotion of the Agency.


– Social Media Marketing and promotion. Manage Facebook profiles to promote We Love Spain in different cities. Create marketing campaigns/posts, invite to events, publicize sales, etc.;

– PR publicity routes, visiting schools, handing out flyers as well as assisting hosting at welcome events;

– Customer Service and bookings in the office.


– Friendly, Outgoing, and Energetic;

– Experience with Social Media Promotion: (ie. They have used Facebook in the past to promote an event at school for an organization, sorority, page management, etc.);

– Experience with event planning or promotion of an event.


– 6 hours weekly, ideally divided over two days.


Intern at EUSA

Through the Chamber of Commerce of Seville ICS students may now take on internship positions in the Office of Formation at the EUSA University Campus.

Take part in an accelerated, high-performance, international traineeship in this public organization.

Positions entail international marketing, public relations and organizational techniques in an office that caters to both U.S. and international students and Universities.

Candidates must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish to qualify.

All internships and service learning opportunities are subject to availability. 

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