Spring Afro Iberian Studies 2024

Calendar & Schedule

In an increasingly interconnected world, it has become essential to create a global education that displays and embraces our common history.

The new ICS Afro Iberian Studies explores the black influences and heritage present in Spanish history and culture. The program introduces a historical perspective while emphasizing a present-day focus.

Students in Afro Iberian Studies will take the following courses:


* Black Influences on Spain’s History
* Culture and Black Diaspora in Present-Day Spain


In addition, they will enroll in a Spanish language class, and have the option of choosing an additional class from the ICS catalog for a total of 12 – 15 credits.


Academic Calendar


January 31

Student Arrival

February 1


February 5

Classes Begin

February 28 (Andalusian Day)

Official Holiday

March 13-14

Mid-Term Exams

March 24-31 (Holy Week)

Official Holiday

April 14-20 (April Fair)

Official Holiday

May 1 (Labor Day)

Official Holiday

May 8-9

Final Exams

May 10

Program Ends

All dates are tentative and subject to change. 

Spring and year-long students need a visa. Please check with your sponsoring institution and/or the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate for more information. 



Students will make two specific content-related visits:

Los Negritos Brotherhood
Seville’s oldest religious Brotherhood, founded at the end of the 14th Century for black African slaves.

The Early African Experience in Seville
Tour of some of the most important buildings, streets and squares that were essential for Seville in its becoming one of the most important slave markets in Europe in the 16th Century.

Additionally, regular semester Cultural Visits will include:
The Cathedral
The Alcázar, Royal Palace
The María Luisa park
The ancient Roman city of Itálica
The Fine Arts Museum


Field Trips

Córdoba February 24
Granada March 15-16
Ronda April 6
Morocco April 26-28


City Visits

Plaza de América / España February 2
Itálica February 16
Alcázar February 23
Catedral March 8
Museo de Bellas Artes April 5
All dates are tentative and subject to change. 
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