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Fall, Spring or Academic Year programs

Study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world in a program with over 30 years experience

Summer ICS

For those students who wish to study in Spain for a shorter term than the usual semester-abroad, the ICS offers an intensive Spanish language program every Summer.


Your housing experience will be the most exciting, educational and maturing adventure of your life.
It is in the home that students can most benefit from the opportunity of living the language,
and learning the culture of the host country.

Fall Semester

Come and study at the ICS from September to December.  Spend your Autumn in Seville and earn up to 18 credits

Spring Semester

Study at the ICS and earn up to 18 credits. Enjoy the two most famous local holidays: Holy Week & April Fair

Summer Term

Study at the ICS for one month and earn 6 credits in the Regular Academic Program

ICS News

Service learning possibilities

Service learning possibilities

Monday and Wednesday evenings we will have meetings at 7 pm at the ICS on different service learning possibilities for your semester in Seville.

Alcázar Royal Palace

Alcázar Royal Palace

This Friday is our visit to Seville's Alcázar Royal Palace.  Meet us at 10:30 a.m. in the Puerta Jerez and we will walk over together.

Jerez de la Frontera and the beach of Bolonia

Jerez de la Frontera and the beach of Bolonia

Saturday we shall have our first day trip of the semester, and will visit the town of Jerez de la Frontera and the beach of Bolonia. Meet us at 8:45 a.m  at the end of calle Porvenir. Return time will be at approximately 8 p.m.

Welcome Week
As most students arrive in Seville feeling somewhat jet-lagged and often a bit disoriented, the ICS organizes a first week of fun activities geared to get everyone introduced to the city of Seville, to their stay in Spain, to their classmates & friends of the next few months and, at the same time, offer a truly pleasant and memorable first week in town.
On the day after the student group arrival, a thorough Orientation session is given at the ICS in which different members of faculty discuss academics, housing, and all kinds of information useful for helping you to be prepared for your semester abroad. After Orientation, a breakfast buffet is set up and it is then, over coffee, croissants and a whole array of tasty foods, that you will get to know your classmates and ICS faculty.

In the evening, students, professors and faculty are all invited to a reception in a nearby restaurant where many kinds of “tapas” are served. It is always a delightful and amusing evening of trying new foods and forging friendships.

Each day of Welcome Weekend has something new and exciting for you. In the morning, you are taken on two different walks downtown where you will be shown some of the most historic sights and monuments Seville has to offer. Friday ́s walk includes a quick stop for a typical Andalusian breakfast of “tostada con café” at a quaint coffee bar just off the main Avenue.

Saturday ́s walk includes a stop for a bite of always delicious “churros” with thick and rich hot chocolate. Each walk is approximately two hours long and you will enjoy not only the lively activity of downtown Seville, but will learn how to move about in your new city.


The ICS night activities are just as entertaining as the morning ones, if not more! You will meet us downtown to see the best Flamenco show in Seville at “El Museo del Baile Flamenco”. It is a night to remember of Flamenco singing, guitar-playing and absolutely mesmerizing dancing!

The next evening we will walk along the river over into the historic neighborhood of Triana and to the Arab Tea Salon of “Bagdad Café” where you will try exotic teas and see and even participate in an exclusive Arabic dancing show.

Sunday is Free Day!  Students can advantage to sleep in, discover the city on their own, or make a day trip to any one of the many fascinating and beautiful towns nearby!


Students always love the “Night Walking Tour of Legends and Curiosities of Seville” on Monday night of Welcome Week. This 1 1/2 hour tour is given in English by an agency of local historians who love sharing their city’s secrets with out-of- towners!

On the last day of Welcome Week a whole new view of Seville is given during our Thursday evening cruise down the Guadalquivir river. With lots of food, beverages, and music on board private luxury boats, a relaxing and enjoyable time is guaranteed!

Every semester the ICS organizes these activities for new students and all activities are free of charge.

By the end of Welcome Week you will feel more than welcome in Seville. You will feel at home!


ICS Student Blogs

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

There are less than 2 weeks left in the program, and I do not know exactly how I feel about that. Some part of me is very excited to go back home, but another significant part of me wants more time in Sevilla. The truth is, I have finally started to feel more...

Poem by Sierra Choi

Poem by Sierra Choi

Sandwiches, I have decided, are perhaps the greatest combinations in the world. The folded pieces of meat, the freshness of lettuce, the acidity of a tomato and the creaminess of mayonnaise Wrapped within two leaves of grain. There may exist different variations of...

New Experiences, New Memories

New Experiences, New Memories

I am already halfway through our program, with only a couple of months left in this beautiful city. I still remember the time I arrived, feeling overwhelmed, having language barriers, and not being able to communicate effectively or even knowing where to go. And now,...

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