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Fall, Spring or Academic Year programs

Study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world in a program with over 30 years experience

Summer ICS

For those students who wish to study in Spain for a shorter term than the usual semester-abroad, the ICS offers an intensive Spanish language program every Summer.


Your housing experience will be the most exciting, educational and maturing adventure of your life.
It is in the home that students can most benefit from the opportunity of living the language,
and learning the culture of the host country.

Fall Semester

Come and study at the ICS from September to December.  Spend your Autumn in Seville and earn up to 18 credits

Spring Semester

Study at the ICS and earn up to 18 credits. Enjoy the two most famous local holidays: Holy Week & April Fair

Summer Term

Study at the ICS for one month and earn 6 credits in the Regular Academic Program

ICS News

Spanish Cooking Classes: Group 2

Spanish Cooking Classes: Group 2

On Tuesday, June 11, we have our second paella cooking class. The students that are in Group 2 should meet at the ICS by 7pm to walk over to the class together.

Seville Cathedral Visit

Seville Cathedral Visit

This Wednesday, June 12, we are heading over to visit the Seville Cathedral the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world. All ICS students must be at the base of the Giralda by 11:45am. Please bring your ICS school ID card.

Travel Waiver Form Reminder

Travel Waiver Form Reminder

If you are traveling outside of Seville this weekend, please fill out a Travel Waiver form, found in the ICS Main Office.

Welcome Week

As most students arrive in Seville feeling somewhat jet-lagged and often a bit disoriented, the ICS organizes a first week of fun activities geared to get everyone introduced to the city of Seville, to their stay in Spain, to their classmates & friends of the next few months and, at the same time, offer a truly pleasant and memorable first week in town

On the day after the student group arrival, a thorough Orientation session is given at the ICS in which different members of faculty discuss academics, housing, and all kinds of information useful for helping you to be prepared for your semester abroad. After Orientation, a breakfast buffet is set up and it is then, over coffee, croissants and a whole array of tasty foods, that you will get to know your classmates, professors and faculty.


Each day of Welcome Weekend has something new and exciting for our new students. In the morning, you are taken on two different walks downtown where you will be shown some of the most historic sights and monuments Seville has to offer. Friday ́s walk includes a  stop for a typical Andalusian breakfast of “tostada con café” at a quaint coffee bar in the historic neighborhood of Triana.

Saturday’s walk includes a stop for a bite of delicious “churros” with thick and rich hot chocolate. Each walk is approximately two hours long and you will enjoy not only the lively activity of downtown Seville, but will learn how to move about in your new city.

The ICS night activities are just as entertaining as the morning ones, if not more! You will meet us downtown to see the best Flamenco show in Seville at “El Museo del Baile Flamenco”. It is a night to remember of Flamenco singing, guitar-playing and absolutely mesmerizing dancing!

Sunday is a Free Day!  You can sleep in, discover the city on your own, or make a day trip to any one of the many fascinating and beautiful towns or beaches nearby!

No Welcome Week would be complete without our one-hour River Cruise down the Guadalquivir. With lots of food, beverages, and music on board private luxury boats, a relaxing and enjoyable time is guaranteed!  It is always a delightful and amusing evening of trying new foods, seeing sites and forging friendships.

To complete our week of activities we organize a shopping excursion to the mall of Metromar, in the town of Mairena del Aljarafe.  Not only can you take advantage of the shop sales and discover a new part of town, but by going by metro, you will learn how to use the public transportation system.  All in all, it’s always a fun evening.

Every semester the ICS organizes these activities for new students and all activities are free of charge.

By the end of Welcome Week you will feel more than welcome in Seville. You will feel at home!


ICS Student Blogs

My Welcome Week in Seville

My Welcome Week in Seville

Studying abroad has presented me with the opportunity to experience a different culture, be exposed to a different language and overall enjoy the way of life in a new place. While studying abroad was initially daunting for me, I have genuinely felt welcomed and...

Beneath the Bridge

Beneath the Bridge

My adventure started when I was standing on top of Ronda’s seventy-meter-high bridge. Despite the distance, I could hear the water murmuring as it flowed underneath the bridge. The stream wound its way in between two steep rock walls, coiling back and forth like a...

Finding Family in Flamenco

Finding Family in Flamenco

Since studying abroad, a feeling that I've heard expressed by other students is alienation. There's inevitable disappointment when the fantasy you created in your mind prior to leaving the U.S. doesn't manifest exactly into your reality. I am myself guilty of allowing...


'The Places You Can Go' ICS Podcast

Sounds of Seville: A Musician’s Tale of Cultural Fusion

Sounds of Seville: A Musician’s Tale of Cultural Fusion

Join host Evan Kindle for another captivating episode of The Places You Can Go. Our guest, Jared Peters, a talented musician from Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, takes us on a journey through the vibrant sounds of Seville. Evan sits down with Jared in this episode to...

ICS videos

Stay updated about all the different activities, trips, and cultural visits that the ICS students get to do during their semester or summer in Seville. Check out this informational video about our programs to learn more.

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