Security Issues

On a world-wide basis, Seville is a safe city. Violent crime is rare, particularly if compared with cities of comparable size in the U.S. Petty crime, on the other hand, and most unfortunately, is not as rare and one must take the necessary precautions when on the street. To protect yourself and your belongings keep in mind the following safety tips.
  • Unless you need your passport for exchanging money, do not carry it with you habitually. You should, however, keep on you at all times a photocopy of it for identification purposes, along with a contact phone number and the Adeslas medical card you will be given at the beginning of the semester.
  • Unless necessary, do not carry large sums of cash, credit cards or ATM cards on you.
  • Do not carry a backpack or handbag if you do not need it. If you do carry one, be sure all pockets are zippered shut, particularly in a crowd.
  • If you go to a club or bar keep your belongings with you at all times.
  • Do not carry your home address and keys in the same place.
  • When sitting in outdoor cafés anywhere in Seville or anywhere in Europe, be careful of your phone. These are hot spots for theft of them!
If your belongings are stolen it is important that you report the robbery to the police. You can do so by telephone and in English.  If you need assistance, contact the ICS.

Important safety note:

Students who travel outside of Seville for any period of time are required to complete the ICS Student Travel Form. On this form you must provide precise information of your travel itinerary, phone number and address of hotel or place of stay, and an estimated time of arrival for your return.

Before traveling to Spain you should have downloaded the application “Whatsapp” on your phone.  Through this application you can always be in contact with us should a problem or emergency arise.  For further information on this application, please contact Ms. Gina de los Santos, ICS Housing Director, at:

Useful Phone Numbers

  • 24-hour Helvetia information service in English: 95-459-3225. This number can be called if you are unsure what hospital you should go to in a certain city OR to speak directly with a doctor. This number also connects you to the ambulance service.
  • Lisa Dolan: If you are in any kind of emergency, you can call at 617427716 (mobile) / 955726378 (land line).
  • City Lost and Found: 954-420-403
  • VISA: 900-991-124
  • American Express: 902-375-637


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