Sports in Seville

Staying fit has never been so easy in Seville as it is now.  With the 1990’s came a craze for fitness that led to the opening of gyms and fitness centers in unprecedented numbers. In addition to the traditional weight-lifting and aerobic dancing, more “exotic” forms of sport, such as Taekwondo, Taichi or Kick-Boxing entered mainstream fitness and have become so widespread they are no longer considered exotic. Most ICS students sign up with a gym, enroll in an athletic program, or participate in some sport activity during the semester. The following is a sample of some of the many facilities available in town.


Hytasa Sport Center
Address: Avda Hytasa Phone: 955-475-268
Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, Football, Squash, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badmington, Waterpolo.

San Pablo Sport Center
Address: Avda. Kansas City Phone: 954-260-881
Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, Indoor Football, Squash, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badmington, Waterpolo, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Taekwondo, Weighlifting, Yoga, Aerobics.

Amate Sport Center
Address: Avda. Revoltosa Phone: 955-475-231
Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Grass Hockey, Baseball.

Rochelambert Sport Center
Address: Dña. Francisquita, 2 Phone: 955-475-312
Handball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Kick boxing, Power Training.


Galisport Gym
Address: Avda. Cardenal Bueno Monreal
Phone number: 95-429-6555

Gimnasio Lowfit Viapol
Address: Calle Pirotecnia
Phone number: 95-453-0804
Gimnasio Sevilla Trainers
Address: Avda. Diego de la Barrera, 16
Phone number: 95-509-2347
Gimnasio Enjoy!
Address: Avda. de Cádiz
Phone number: 95-491-8103


Sailing Municipal Center
Address: Río Guadalquivír (between Puerta de Triana and Puente del Cachorro.)
Phone: 954-460-202


Visiting golf players are always pleased to learn of Seville’s love affair with the sport. Seville has half a dozen golf courses, all within easy reach of the city center. While all are considered of high caliber the following three have attained international recognition in the last few years:

Real Club de Golf Sevilla
Address: Autovía Sevilla-Utrera
Club entrance: €9
Greenfee: €108

Club Zaudín
Address: Crta. Mairena-Tomares
Phone: 954-154-159
Greenfee: €58 (Mon-Fri), €78 (Weekends)
(50% discount for students)

Real Club de Golf Pineda
Address: Avda. de Jerez
Phone: 954-611-400
Greenfee: €70

For general information on playing golf in Spain please check:

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