Sports in Seville

Staying fit has never been so easy in Seville as it is now.  With the 1990’s came a craze for fitness that led to the opening of gyms and fitness centers in unprecedented numbers. In addition to the traditional weight-lifting and aerobic dancing, more “exotic” forms of sport, such as Taekwondo, Taichi or Kick-Boxing entered mainstream fitness and have become so widespread they are no longer considered exotic. Most ICS students sign up with a gym, enroll in an athletic program, or participate in some sport activity during the semester. The following is a sample of some of the many facilities available in town.


Hytasa Sport Center
Address: Avda Hytasa Phone: 955-475-268
Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, Football, Squash, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badmington, Waterpolo.

San Pablo Sport Center
Address: Avda. Kansas City Phone: 954-260-881
Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, Indoor Football, Squash, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badmington, Waterpolo, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Taekwondo, Weighlifting, Yoga, Aerobics.

Amate Sport Center
Address: Avda. Revoltosa Phone: 955-475-231
Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Grass Hockey, Baseball.

Rochelambert Sport Center
Address: Dña. Francisquita, 2 Phone: 955-475-312
Handball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Kick boxing, Power Training.


Galisport Gym
Address: Avda. Cardenal Bueno Monreal
Phone number: 95-429-6555
gym with free weights, aerobics, track, and pool.

Sato Sport Santa Justa
Address: C/ José Laguillo s/n
Phone: 954-546-290
Sport Center in Seville, a place to enjoy the traditional gym atmosphere with the technology of modern sport facilities.
Sato Sport

Centro Wellness O2
Address: Avda. Ciudad Jardín s/n
Phone: 954-920-403
Centro Wellness

Gimnasio Villalba
Address: c/ Luis Montoto 88
Phone: 954-584-107
Free weights, Aerobics.

Gimnasio Hotel Meliá
Address: Avda. de la Borbolla
Phone: 955-541-190
Free weights, Aerobics.


Piscina Triana
Address: c/ Alfarería, 125
Phone: 954-340-122
Piscina Virgen de los Reyes
Address: Avda. Doctor Fedriani
Phone: 954-376-866


Sailing Municipal Center
Address: Río Guadalquivír (between Puerta de Triana and Puente del Cachorro.)
Phone: 954-460-202


Visiting golf players are always pleased to learn of Seville’s love affair with the sport. Seville has half a dozen golf courses, all within easy reach of the city center. While all are considered of high caliber the following three have attained international recognition in the last few years:

Real Club de Golf Sevilla
Address: Autovía Sevilla-Utrera
Club entrance: €9
Greenfee: €108

Club Zaudín
Address: Crta. Mairena-Tomares
Phone: 954-154-159
Greenfee: €58 (Mon-Fri), €78 (Weekends)
(50% discount for students)

Real Club de Golf Pineda
Address: Avda. de Jerez
Phone: 954-611-400
Greenfee: €70

For general information on playing golf in Spain please check:

Andalusia is the birthplace of the Purebred Spanish Horse. These majestic horses are renowned for their great beauty, as well as for their proud character, fiery temperament and quick response to command.Throughout Andalusia, riding schools are in abundance. In addition, with its rich variety of landscapes, the south of Spain has some of the best horseback riding countrysides in Europe. For Spaniards and foreigners, alike, horseback riding in the South is more than just a sport. It is a unique experience.


Club Hípico Hispalense Espigares
Address: Carretera Sevilla-Utrera Km. 2
Phone: 954-121-317

Centro Ecuestre Epona
Address: Hacienda Los Nietos, Autovía N-IV, Km. 519
Phone: 954-148-293

Escuela Ecuestre Al-Andalus
Address: Carretera Vieja Dos hermanas-Bellavista
Phone: 670-409-440

Hacienda Indiana
Address: Carretera de Don Rodrigo, Km. 6.4 Utrera
Phone: 670-380-280
Excursions and classes. Prices vary.

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