Fall EUSA Program 2024

Calendar & Schedule

ICS students may enroll in courses taught in English at EUSA University in Seville.

At this branch campus of the University of Seville, EUSA offers a wide range of courses in the fields of Communications, Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Management, Tourism & Public Relations.

Located only five minutes from the ICS our students will take class alongside both Spanish and international students.

Students enrolled in the EUSA program follow the same timeline and participate in the same activities as those enrollled in classes at the ICS and/or University of Seville.

Academic Calendar


September 18

Student Arrival

September 19


September 20

U. of Seville Tour

October 23

Classes Begin

October 30-31

Midterm Exams

November 1

Official Holiday

December 6-9

Official Holiday

December 11-12

Final Exams U. of Seville

December 11-12

Final Exams ICS

December 13

End of Program

All dates are tentative and subject to change. 

Semester and year-long students need a visa. Please check with your sponsoring institution and/or the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate for more information. 

EUSA Courses Fall 2024

  • 5390052EN Film-Making I – Basics
  • 5390024EN Audiovisual Narrative
  • 5390028EN Film-Making III – Digital Video & Postproduction
  • 5390067EN Theory and Technique of Documentary and Audiovisual Advertising
  • 5390068EN Game Design and Ludonarrative
  • 5380004EN Introduction to Sociology
  • 5380014EN Technology and Design of Written Information
  • 5380021EN Communication Departments
  • 5380052EN Multimedia Journalism & Digital Graphic Design
  • 5380038EN Cyberculture
  • 5380003EN Introduction to Applied Economics
  • 5370011EN Advertising Creativity
  • 5370012EN Advertising Strategy
  • 5370023EN Planning and Management of Advertising Media
  • 5370024EN Public Relations Programming and Techniques
  • 5370027EN Theory and Technology of Advertising Photography
  • 5370056EN Brand Management
  • 5370061EN Sales Promotion and Consumption
  • 5320014EN Operations Management in Tourism Organizations I
  • 5320028EN Human-Resources Management in the Tourism Sector
  • 5320030EN Market Research for Tourism
  • 5320037EN Art & Cultural Tourism

EUSA Course Schedule

Classes and schedule may be subject to change

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