Money and Banking

Money Exchange

In Spain all banks use the same daily-established rate for currency exchange. However, as commission rates can vary considerably between banks we recommend that you compare banks before exchanging.  Wherever you exchange money, a valid passport (and not a photocopy of it) must be presented as identification.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere throughout Spain and in most parts of the European Union. Of all credit cards, VISA and American Express cards are the most widely recognized.

ATM Cards

Of all possible methods, the quickest and easiest way to receive money while you are in Spain is by way of an ATM account.  In order to obtain an ATM card linked to worldwide networks (Plus, Cirrus, NYSC), you must open an account in the U.S. before traveling to Spain.  Most large banks in the U.S. offer ATM cards.

With an ATM card you can withdraw money at any Network Cash machine in the world.  Your dollars are automatically converted into local currency.  It is important to note that most cash machines will not allow you to withdraw more than €300 (approx. $300) in a 24 hour period.

Wired Money from Home

If you don’t have an ATM card and you find you need money sent from home quickly, we suggest you have it wired through Western Union.  There are offices throughout Seville and your money usually arrives within 24 hours.

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