Health and Medical

All students participating in the ICS Semester-in-Spain program are enrolled automatically in the Helvetia Health Plan which begins on the day of designated group arrival in Seville.

The Helvetia Health Plan plan covers both medical and accident insurance.  It does not cover check ups, medicine or treatments for a condition or sickness contracted prior to travelling to Spain.

On the first day of Orientation, all ICS students are issued an Helvetia Health Plan insurance card. The ICS highly recommends that students carry this card on them at all times as it is used as payment in doctor’s offices, at clinics and hospitals, for ambulance service, etc. in Seville, throughout Spain, and in the rest of the European Union.

The ICS provides housemothers with a list of doctors for emergencies as well as a special phone number to dial should a student need a doctor to make a house call.  In addition, ICS students are provided with the names of hospitals and clinics for emergency treatment in Seville and with precise information as to whom to call in case of emergency outside of Seville. Students must go only to the private clinics covered under the Helvetia Health Plan.  They otherwise run the risk of being charged for costly treatment.

To make a doctor’s appointment, students should contact the ICS Student Affairs office. An ICS staff member may accompany those students who feel they need assistance during a doctor’s visit.
As a final note, the ICS must emphasize that although Spain has medicines similar to those in the United States, it is preferable that students under medication bring with them enough medicine for the entire semester. It may be difficult finding another one identical to it.

* Students are not covered for any days they may be in Seville or Spain prior to the date of the designated group arrival. Likewise, the coverage does not span the period between the end of Fall semester and the group arrival date of Spring semester.


913-939-057 – 24 hour Helvetia information service. This number can be called if you are unsure what hospital you should go to in a certain city OR to speak directly with a doctor. This number also connects you to the ambulance service.

+34-913939-057 – This number connects you to an Helvetia operator if you are travelling outside of Spain and need medical treatment.

112 – This emergency number will connect you to Seville’s police & firemen.

Lisa Dolan 617427716 / 955726378

More Information
Your Helvetia insurance does not cover medication. The following are the hospitals you should go to if you need healthcare:
– Sagrado Corazón (Avenida Manuel Siurot 47)

– Clínica de Fátima (Glorieta de México 1)

– Clínica Infanta Luisa (San Jacinto 87)

All these hospitals have 24 hour walk in clinics where you can go for healthcare. You should carry your Helvetia card on you at all times.
DO NOT go to the public hospitals as they are not covered under your health plan. You will be billed for treatment there.
Only use the public hospitals if there is NO OTHER OPTION.

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