April Fair

Every Spring, the city of Seville throws a week-long party and close to a million people show up. The April Fair or Feria de Abril, began as a cattle trading fair in the mid 19th Century and over the years has evolved into a Spanish spectacle of flamenco, bullfighting and fun.

The site of the April Fair is known as the Real de la Feria (Royal Fair Grounds), and is a complete artificial city of canvas-covered tent-houses, or casetas. Some casetas belong to trade associations, some to groups of friends, and others to clubs or political parties.

Although they may vary in size, all casetas have common attributes. All are beautifully decorated with paper lanterns, ornately painted tables and chairs, bright striped curtains, and cheerful motifs throughout. All serve delicious typical foods and wines.

Most importantly, all are happy places to gather with family and friends where you can laugh, sing and dance the night away to upbeat, foot-stomping Flamenco music.At the Fair most women wear colorful Gypsy-inspired Flamenco dresses with flowers in their hair. Men often dress up in special Flamenco attire, as well. Many people visit the Fair Grounds at noon in order to catch the colorful horse and buggy parade in which one can easily spot famous movie stars, music performers, well-known politicians, etc., all in their best attire.

During the April Fair, the famous bullring of Seville programs bull fights with the most popular and talented matadors of the day. These bullfights generally are considered to be the best of the season.

The ICS always gets into the April Fair spirit during its annual “Pre-Feria” party.  Students, faculty, and friends stop off on the way to a night at the Feria and enjoy a fun evening of music, refreshments and dancing Sevillanas.

To see a video of one of our past Pre-Feria parties, click here:

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