Cinema and Theater

Seville has a rich and varied cultural life. Throughout the year one can enjoy theatrical and musical entertainment of the most diverse type: from Flamenco performances or classical theater at the Teatro Lope de Vega to experimental theater or Jazz at the Teatro Central.
In comparison with prices in the United States, the cost to see a performance at the Opera House is quite inexpensive, often starting at €15-20 a ticket.Click for further information.
Movie theaters are in abundance in Seville. One can see new American releases dubbed in Spanish or Spanish films, which in the last few years have gained unprecedented international recognition.
Students unanimously agree that seeing Spanish-made films in Spanish is an excellent way of proving one’s progress in language acquisition as well as learning more about Spanish culture and character.
For those who wish to see American films in English, there is one theater (Avenida 5 Cines) that offers these, as well. Movie listings and timetables are posted daily in all of the local newspapers. The regular entrance fee for movie theaters in Seville is €9. There may be discounts on certain days and times depending on the theater.
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