Until very recently, travel from Seville to the rest of Europe was a long and expensive process. Just traveling to Barcelona (the former departure point from Spain to the rest of Europe) was 12 hours by train!  Nowadays people take a 50 – minute flight there!

For many years, inter-European flights were often more costly than trans-Atlantic flights. Most students traveled to other European countries either before or after the semester. Fortunately, with the liberalization of the European market, the cost of flying has dropped dramatically.


During the present academic year, our students have flown to and from Paris and London for less than $60, to Zurich and Frankfurt for $55, to Rome and Dublin, for $70.  In addition, flights between these cities can be found at even a less expensive price.  For example, one can often find flights between Scotland to London for less than $20.  By doing comparative online searches, one can find truly incredible offers!


Student Travel Form

All ICS students who travel outside Seville for any period of time are required to complete the ICS Student Travel Form.  On this form you must provide precise information of your travel itinerary, phone number and address of the hotel or place of stay and an estimated time of arrival of return.  For further information of this ICS requirement, see section on Security Issues.

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