Flamenco is a synthesis of music and dance which is often identified with the essence of Spain. Its expression can be divided into three forms: Cante, The song,; Baile The dance; and Guitarra,  Guitar playing.

Contemporary Flamenco shows influence of other kinds of music, such as jazz, salsa, bossa nova, etc.  For true aficionados of the genre, Flamenco always has been and always will be the most intimate of artistic expressions.


Seville, as the historic heartland of Flamenco, hosts the most important and famous Flamenco festival in the world: LA BIENAL DE FLAMENCO. Here one has the unique opportunity to see performances by the most renowned Flamenco artists of the day. Numerous concerts, performances, theatrical productions and quite a wide variety of events are organized for the public.


Perhaps the most widespread manifestation of Flamenco, Sevillanas dancing is also one of its most accessible expressions.  During your semester in Seville, you will have the opportunity to enroll in private dance classes with the Artistic Director of El Museo del Baile Flamenco and world-renowned Flamenco dancer, Victor Bravo.  During our semester Welcome weekend, you will have a good look at Flamenco dancing when we take you to see the best  show in town, at the Museo del Baile Flamenco.

You will find that learning to dance Sevillanas at the ICS not only enriches your cultural experience, but that these lessons have a most practical use.  During the April Fair when all of Seville is dancing till dawn, you too can join in on the fun.  At the ICS Pre-Feria party you will be able to brush up on your steps before heading to the Fair grounds.

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