University of Seville Fall 2023

Calendar & Schedule

Academic Calendar


September 13

September 15

Classes Begin

October 12

Official Holiday

October 18-19

November 1

December 6-8

December 13-14

December 13-14

Final Exams ICS

December 15

End of Program

October 23-24

Mid-Term Exams

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U of Seville Courses Fall 2023

  • FA-02 Comparative Grammar
  • FA-03 Corrective Phonetics and Conversation
  • FA-08 Spanish American Literature
  • FA-09 Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • FA-25 Literature & Cuisine
  • FA-30 Translation: Culture & Vocabulary
  • FA-31 Spanish for English Speakers
  • FA-37 Painting Literary Seville
  • FA-43 English for Spanish Speakers
  • FA-44 Social Psychology of Language Learning
  • GA-01 Culture and Society in Spain
  • GA-07 Flamenco: Cultural Expression of Andalusia
  • GA-09 Three Cultures: Christians, Muslims, and Jews
  • GA-15 Transition to Democracy in Spain
  • GA-19 Photography
  • GA-20 Economy, Society and Environment in Spain
  • GA-21 Gastronomy and Culture in Spain
  • GA-22 Wine in Spain: History and Culture
  • GA-26 Historical-Artistic Patrimony of Sevile

U of Seville Course Schedule Classes and schedule may be subject to change 

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