Telephones in Spain

The ICS recommends that all students come to Seville with a working smartphone so that they may communicate easily with the program office, local friends and family in the U.S.
Before departing the U.S. you should compare data plans so that you can have unlimited access to internet services while you are abroad.

Those students who do not acquire a data plan can take advantage of the free wifi that is available at the ICS, in all ICS homestays and in cafés throughout the city.

All students should download the application of “whatsapp” on their smartphones before leaving the U.S.  Whatsapp is very widely used in Seville, Europe and many parts of the world to message people.

Through this application you can send text messages as well as photographs, audios and videos to anyone in the world instantly and completely for free as long as you both have internet access.

Please be aware that if you plan on purchasing a Spanish SIM card upon arrival to insert in your American phone, you may need to unlock your phone before departure for Spain.  In The U.S, a phone number or phone plan, is directly associated with the device instead of a SIM card. If you try to insert a Spanish SIM card into your American cell phone, there is a possibility that it may not work due to the fact that your phone is programmed to only accept a SIM from a particular company. For this reason we suggest you contact your phone company directly for more information. 

Why use a Spanish SIM card?

One of the biggest advantages of having a local Spanish SIM card and phone plan is that you can travel throughout the EU region and enjoy free-roaming

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