What People Say About Us

Alex Larsen

“ICS became a very close community offering many classes, trips, events and friends with great facilities! Studying abroad in Spain with ICS has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

Kim Villarosa
“My study abroad experience in Sevilla was the best experience in my life. It was so nice to have great people at the Center to go to to help for information about the surrounding areas and cultural events in Sevilla. I couldn’t ask for a better housing arrangement. My Spanish sister treated my like one of her own friends! I made many Spanish friends through my intercambio, which was a perfect outlet to the Spanish life!”

Jillian Rose
“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Studying aboard changes your life forever in such a positive way and one of the most important things to have is a support system when your away. ICS was a wonderful support system and the teachers and classes taught me a lot and really helped me with my Spanish! The extra excursions were amazing and very unique to this program! I would recommend ICS to anyone!”

Will Lawson
“Studying Abroad in Seville was perhaps the BEST experience of my life. Emerging myself into a culture different from my own really brought out qualities about myself that I didn’t know were there and probably never would have found. I had a great housemother. She was really a mother to us and gave us a ‘home away from home’. Seville is a great city with lots to do and see. The school was fun and challenging and I really got a lot out of the classes.”

Penelope Lambropoulos
“My semester in Sevilla was extraordinary and an experience that I will never forget. When I decided to study abroad, I did not expect to fall in love with the city and the people. I met some of my best friends in Sevilla and I am still keep in close contact with them. I will never forget how hospitable and helpful they were towards me and I left Sevilla feeling more like a native than a tourist. The classes were great. The professors were well prepared and very informative. I would recommend the program to everyone.”

Carley Berkey
“The semester in Sevilla is like a tapa, a small taste of the colorful, passionate vida andaluza, inviting round after round to be discovered. The program provides a “puerta abierta” for students. They take care of all the details and concerns, and leave it up to the students to embrace and integrate into Spanish culture – an opportunity not to be passed up.”

Brianna Kochick
“Sevilla is an amazing city, rich in culture and history and the classes at the ICS complement all there is to learn. The school is situated in a beautiful, charming neighborhood near the María Luisa Park, surrounded by quaint cafés that are perfect for meeting with friends to enjoy tapas and study. The staff is wonderful, friendly and caring. The classes are small and the professors are not only enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, but also personable and dedicated to giving the students a better understanding of Spain and it’s culture. The staff at the ICS were professional and happy to answer all of my questions. It is an adventure, an eye-opening, tremendous learning experience and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Brandon Bolte
“What an incredible experience. Studying abroad in Seville through the ICS program helped me learn to be independent, to adventure, and most importantly to strive to be my best self. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to explore Spain, learn Spanish, and experience something special that will last a lifetime!”

Pamela Ortiz
“I would like to thank you and the rest of the CCIS program in Seville for making this happen for me. I learned a lot of things while I stayed in Seville, if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I wouldn’t even think about it twice, I would jump ahead and do it again. Once again thanks for being that bridge that connected me with my long time dream (visitar Espana y sobre todo Sevilla!!!)”.

Will Baird
“What can I say about this program that hasn’t already been said – I enjoyed every minute of it. Before departure one receives information telling you about homesickness and culture shock but I don´t think these things are an issue in a city like Seville. The ¨duende¨of the Sevillanos shines. The historical visits are places I will always remember. Every teacher at the Center had one thing in common: They contained a passion in their subjects that shined through each lesson. Class was surprisingly fun – you learned about relevant subjects, while at the same time enjoying every minute of it.”

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