(Look how beautiful the flowers are, and all of the ICS students’ bright smiles!) ?

Our Visit June 9th, 2018

While in Cordoba, we visited two incredible, and historical landmarks. First, we visited the Mosque-Cathedral, and second, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. Before beginning our tour, everyone was given a listening device with earbuds that was connected to a tour guide’s microphone. This connection was nice because we could hear our guide clearly, all while looking
around, and getting direct information.
While on our tour, we learned that the Alcazar served as a home, and fortress built for Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. This area holds tremendous value for this reason, but is also inarguably a highly sought after tourist destination because of its beauty. I will put some images below, even though I know that they will not do justice to the immense beauty within the Mosque-Cathedral, and the gardens. They were absolutely breathtaking, and the rooms seemed to never end.

This is a photo of the Mosque part of the fortress. Above you can see the iconic double arches, and the mixture of brick and stone that leaves its creative mark on viewers.

Above is the ceiling in the Cathedral part of the Mosque-Cathedral. Within this area, church events are still held. While sitting in the stands, viewers feel like they are within heaven on earth, within all of it’s elegance.

Finally, off to the right the gardens can be seen. I cut myself out of the photo because I feel like this view is beyond the beauty of people, and should be a stand alone piece of art. This is where I found my
slice of heaven; within the flowers, square bushes, orange trees, and ponds.


Great Job ICS Faculty and Students!

Besides our tours, we have also been working hard in the classroom. ​Midterms ​for the summer one month program students are almost all wrapped up, and we cannot believe it! Time really does fly when there are so many fun activities available. this adventure is going by. I have grown so close to my new Spain family, and wish I could stay here forever.
All of the students here are so fun to be around, and I have learned so much about them and their cultures. It is so cool to meet people from so many different parts of the world, and people who possess many different views from my own. I have learned about other people’s religious, beliefs, ways of living. I have learned about other’s favorite dishes back home as well.
When beginning this adventure, I knew that it would be a great learning experience on the culture of Spain, but I had no idea just how much I could learn from my peers as well.
Also, another important thing that I would like to mention is that the International College of Sevilla faculty has been so helpful before this journey, and throughout the process.
My professors are always going not only an extra mile, but five to ten extra miles, literally! On of the teachers, Judy Cotter, actually took time out of her after school hours to give any student who wanted to attend, a tour of a local museum.
Not only has my culture class been tons of fun, but also I have been enjoying my language class. After the Spanish portion of my day, I walk out of class full of new knowledge and confident that my Spanish is improving. I have made so much progress over the past few weeks. The supporting staff also has been a huge part of this process because they are always willing to help with any problem or question that arises. Also, the friendly staff are always open to assisting students in organizing side trips, doctors’ appointments, teacher observations, and much more. The ICS faculty has made Sevilla a comfortable home away from home.
My final comment for this week’s blog is on the ice cream in this area and the weather. It was cold the first week that we got here, but it finally is starting to warm up. I have been eating a TON of ice cream since I got here, so maybe it is a good thing that this trip is only a month… ha.


We have all been having such a great time in the cafes, shops, ice cream places, and lots more. I am in love with Sevilla because there is always something to do, well
unless you want to try do something during “siesta” time.
During the hottest time of the day, locals take some time off to go home, nap or to run errands. During this time, many stores close their doors and owners go home for a couple of hours. The best part of the day for me has been the time after a good siesta, when I am able to go grab a scoop of ice cream from the neighborhood ice cream shops or cafes.

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