In this episode of ‘The Places You Can Go,’ host Evan Kindle sits down with Dr. Jeff Brideau, a seasoned historian and professor at ICS, to explore the transformative journey of the students studying abroad in Seville. As the Fall Semester concludes, Jeff reflects on his role in guiding students through the immersive Three Cultures course, offering invaluable insights into navigating new societies and embracing cultural environments. As a Canadian living and teaching in Spain, Jeff shares unique perspectives on cultural exchange and global awareness. The episode delves into Jeff’s strategies for helping students adapt to new environments and encouraging full immersion in the local community. Through real-world experiences and engaging anecdotes, Jeff imparts a holistic understanding of Spanish society and culture. Join us on this insightful journey as we uncover the benefits of living abroad, both for educators like Jeff and the students who embark on this enriching adventure. Whether contemplating a similar decision or reflecting on a semester in Seville, this episode is a beacon of wisdom for those eager to explore the places they can go.

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