I wrote my first blog for ICS a week or so after I arrived in Sevilla, which seems like yesterday. Now, I am writing my last blog with just 10 short days until my flight back to the United States. I am having a lot of mixed feelings about my return. This surprises me because I thought I would be more than ready to go home by now. Of course there are certain things I can’t wait to go home to like my favorite foods, my family and friends, and my own apartment. Even with the promise of macaroni and cheese within reach, I find myself dreading the day as it gets closer and closer.


I have been trying to figure out why exactly that is considering I have so much to look forward to at home. For example, my brother will be having another baby in the summer, and I will be starting at a new university in the fall. I am truly excited about both of these things and there is so much more waiting for me at home, as well (not to mention the mac and cheese!). With that being said, I think part of the problem is that I have come to realize that Sevilla has become my home in a way, too.

During the past three months I have learned so much about life, the Spanish language, the Spanish culture, and in that process learned a lot about myself as well. This has been an absolutely amazing experience. Sometimes I stop and think about how grateful I am for having done the things I´ve done and seen the things I´ve seen on this trip. Three countries and countless cities is pretty impressive to me. I have loved getting to know Spain in a way that no book or documentary could ever show me. For these reasons I am able to call Sevilla home. While living here I have realized that ¨home¨ is not necessarily where you were born or the house you live in, but is where you feel happy and comfortable. In addition, I have learned that you can have more than one home. So I guess that means I am leaving one home to return to another and I am becoming okay with that. But eventually I hope to have a ‘‘home’’ all over the world, and return to this one in Spain one day.

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