It’s strange to be saying “adiós” to Seville. This city feels like my home away from home. Not too long ago I was contemplating what this whole experience would be like. Who I would meet, what I would see, and what I would experience? But this experience is far more than I could have hoped for or could have imagined.

I have enjoyed every moment of it! Even with the heat, which was luckily milder than it should have been. I just don’t really know how to explain it all. This experience is something that has to be lived; no matter the amount of detail I could go into, it would never suffice for what each moment had to offer. I have grown so fond of Seville! Now I even enjoy the long walks to the Puerta de Jerez, which I used to find agonizingly annoying. To be honest, walking anywhere in this city is enjoyable and interesting. There is so much to see! The same street still manages to be different every day. Different people, different activities, different dogs.

There are still aspects of this city I find breathtaking. I could spend an entire day staring at the Plaza de España and be content. No matter the amount of pictures I take or the words I look up; nothing will be able to describe or show the building for what it truly is.

The people I have met during this program are “super guay!” (really cool!) I have definitely made friendships that will last beyond my time here. Although, they will be in different states from me, I cannot wait to see what else I get to experience with them! I’m thinking a cross country road trip!

This experience has definitely altered me for the better. I feel like my Spanish has improved and I am far more willing to speak to people. I plan on practicing even more when I get back home! Oh, and I cannot wait to get home and show off my new clothes and give everyone their souvenirs! I am most excited to see my dogs again, but I will miss la Parque de Maria Luisa, la Plaza de España, the walk to class, and simply strolling through the city. I will especially miss hanging out with my friends in Seville! Hopefully I can come back and make even more memories here.

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