Sandwiches, I have decided, are perhaps the greatest combinations in the world.

The folded pieces of meat, the freshness of lettuce, the acidity of a tomato and the creaminess of mayonnaise
Wrapped within two leaves of grain.

There may exist different variations of protein, dairy or other items Yet the resounding rhetorical question still persists:
What more can one ask for?

Yet today, the sandwiches my friends and I made were different.

They consisted of the same ingredients Yet somehow

It was a symbol of a life about to change.

It was the taste of relief after a three day journey
It was the gleaming colors of a rainbow standing proudly after a cloud of rain It was the petal of flora to forecast the horizon of spring
It was the embodiment of hope

These children whom these sandwiches were for Were only several years younger than my friends and I

Yet all of us came to Seville for reasons that could not have been more different.

Some to enjoy schooling and immersive language experiences for a blissful couple months Others for security in a foreign land miles from the home they used to know.

There is no greater feeling than the joy of filling a belly during a meal,
And Seville has perhaps offered some of the best cuisine my palate has experienced: Tortillas de patatas—an neat array of cooked potatoes encased in an omelette
Seafood paella—a seasoned platter of steaming rice with little surprises of clams and baby shrimp hidden between the grains
Churros con chocolate—light, fried dough dipped in thick, rich chocolate

However, the feelings of happiness that overwhelmed my senses today and plucked at the delicate strings of my heart
Were the greatest feeling one can achieve

Knowing that a mere sandwich Was able to provide comfort; Peace;

Perhaps others may consider it a few pieces of bread with various components in it I, however
Will never see it the same.


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