February in Seville, four weeks into the semester. This first month has been filled with a lot of exploring. So far, I have seen many different sides of Andalusia. From checking out the historic Roman remains in quiet Italica to walking around the bustling city of Cordoba, Andalusia has a lot of character!

Two weeks ago, my friends and I decided to take a day trip to a city that I’ve only heard good things about, Cadiz. With no plan or agenda for what we wanted to do there, we took an hour train ride from Sevilla and spent the day wandering around in Cadiz. It was great! From what I’ve seen of Andalusia so far, Cadiz is my favorite city. It seemed as

though Cadiz has more a traditional Spanish spirit to it. Things felt as though they were calmer and move slower there plus having beach access made the city 10x better for me. There are also numerous buildings throughout Cadiz which have great historic significance such as the two castles that are there, the Castillo De San Sebastian and the Santa Catalina. My friends and I decided to grab breakfast at a small cafe right outside of another beautiful building named the Cadiz Cathedral and the environment felt absolutely perfect. The sun was out, there was a man playing the saxophone right in front of us and I was drinking a good cup of coffee accompanied by Paella, a good Sunday.

Another highlighted excursion that we went on was last Friday. A group of ICS students, including myself, decided to explore what is ranked the third most dangerous hike in the world, the Caminito Del Rey just outside the city of Malaga. It was a breathtaking and beautiful place to see. A giant portion of the hike consisted we scaled a tiny path hanging on the rock wall through a massive gorge. I had never done anything like that before and I wish that I had had more time to explore the place longer.

Following the reoccurring theme of being in awe, ICS took us on a weekend tour of Italica and Cordoba. It was truly incredible. We took a short bus ride to the small quiet town of Italica to visit the Roman ruins and remains of a village there that has been protected and was left untouched. It was right next to a beautiful field of yellow flowers which I thought were as remarkable as the artifacts themselves! The next day we visited Cordoba where we got a tour of the famous and giant Mosque of Cordoba.

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