Summer is here and students have arrived at the International College of Seville from all across the United States. From the East Coast to the West Coast, over 50 Spanish-learning Americans have settled down into homestays and residencies across Sevilla’s historic El Porvenir neighborhood. Through academic and cultural immersion, I’ve already felt a strong connection with my environment and I look forward to improving my Spanish language skills.

While we come from a variety of backgrounds, all students possess the same distinct quality: willingness and strength to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and become one with traditional Spanish language and culture. From Flamenco shows to expansive architectural tours, I’ve been exposed to several different aspects of Spanish life that I would not have seen in the United States. I’ve been able to walk all around the city and see the several modes of transportation offered including scooters, bikes, buses, trams, and the metro.

If you snooze in Sevilla, you won’t lose: the mid-evening siesta remains a prominent part of local culture. Following lunch, we’re given the opportunity to escape the bright sun and rest for a long night ahead. While strange at first, I’ve really enjoyed exploring this new lifestyle where Spanish families eat dinner late at night and stay awake long past traditional American daytime hours. It’s been interesting to see Spaniards from all walks of life out celebrating in the streets past two or three in the morning.

By applying to study abroad, I’ve welcomed a world of opportunities and lifelong connections. Immersion in Sevillan life is a valuable way for me to expand my horizons and gain valuable experience. I’ve experienced a wonderful sense of fulfillment from sharing life’s joys with like-minded students in a country that indulges in each passing moment. I hope to continue to enjoy studying in the green, accessible Andalusian city of Sevilla.

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