As my time in Sevilla comes to an end, I realize how grateful I am that my past self made the leap to study abroad. Several months ago, I stopped into my college’s international studies office after seeing signs around campus and asked several questions about the programs offered. Once I learned about studying in Spain, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and worked tirelessly on my application. While I had generally envisioned gaining independence and improving my Spanish-speaking abilities, I ended up having one of the greatest months of my life with memories that will last forever.

From crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to swimming in Southern Portugal, I’ve done unimaginable things that have left me inspired me to seek greater. I’ve formed so many valuable friendships and built a new life in a city so passionate and free. Although I came here alone, I leave connected to peers from all over the world, each with their own fascinating story to tell. Living in a different country showed me that the world truly is so much more extraordinary than I ever could’ve visualized.

On my second to last night, I was able to celebrate Rosie’s 20th birthday with her and several others during our Paella and Sangria cooking class. We had a great time chatting as we prepared the ingredients for a traditional Spanish dinner tefore eating and singing to the birthday girl. As we ate, we talked about how it felt like we had just arrived to Sevilla yesterday and it was crazy that we were all headed home so soon. At the end of the day, I’m very proud that I took the risk of studying in a different country and immersing myself in a completely novel culture. I look forward to continuing my travels and exploring further possibilities of studying




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