WOW! A little lame to use the word “wow” but it’s the best word I can use to describe my first impression of Seville. It also works because I still cannot believe I’m actually here and this is all happening! Seville is gorgeous beyond the scope of my current vocabulary; maybe by the end of this trip, I’ll be able to use a word in Spanish that will suffice. The city itself somehow manages to be modern and historic at the same time, which is definitely something I am not used to, but I am enjoying it!

There are parts of the city that have been taking my breath away, like the first time I saw the Plaza de España… (pause for effect) I knew it was beautiful, but in person the word beauty doesn’t even begin to describe the monument, that is this structure. This building is not the only one is Seville that is beautiful and historic. There is the cathedral, which was originally a mosque, it shows the progression of time and of Seville into what it is today. To really get a sense of what the city was and is, that cathedral is a must! It’s future, however can best be seen though the Metropol Parasol. It’s completely wooden and holds magnificent views of the city! There is just so much to explore in this city. I feel like I have already seen so much and know that there is so much more to still see.

However, being in the city is a bit of a culture shock, there is so much noise and so many people. Growing up in a suburb the most noise you hear is when you’re on the highway… during rush hour. Speaking of people, the people I have met so far are so sweet and welcoming! They want you to feel at home in Seville, and the students are just as nice and ready for an adventure! People whom you may have never met in your life, have so much in common with you. The main one being that they wanted to learn Spanish and experience its culture. But other things simpler, almost seemingly unimportant things. We all want to explore, experience something new, something exciting, and make memories. It is already evident that the bonds we are making are some that will last a life time!


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